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It's time to find a dog walker for your best friend, one who will exercise him, socialize him, and treat him like family.  I'm so happy you found us.

K9 Kate's offers off-leash group hikes, puppy visits, positive reinforcement training, and boarding in the Annex, Little Italy and surrounding neighbourhoods. Our goal is to bring out the best in every dog we care for. We are committed to the highest standard of pet care including consistency in your dog's walker and pack, the opportunity for your dog to visit a variety of parks for mental and physical stimulation, and positive reinforcement training. We are also advocates of being kind, respectful and considerate to our two-legged clients as well.
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I feel a lot better about being at work all day knowing that Phoebe gets to go on an adventure with Kate and her dog-friends each afternoon. Kate provides me updates each day on how Phoebe was on her outing and acts like a partner in ensuring Phoebe receiving the training and experiences she needs as a young pup. I am so thankful that we were referred to Kate. She’s really part of the family now.
— Phoebe and her mom

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