Adventure Walks ($25/walk + HST)

Dogs on the adventure walk are out anywhere from 1-3 hours.
Groups are kept small; maximum group size is 6.
A variety of parks are visited each week to keep the walk as exciting and interesting as possible for your dog.
Daily updates and progress reports are provided.




On-Leash Dog Walks ($23+HST)

A one- hour neighbourhood walk for the pup who likes to strut and sniff.
Groups are kept small (3-6 dogs).
Option for partial offleash time for those living close to a dog park.

Puppy Visits ($25+HST/1 daily visit, $10 +HST/additional daily visits)

Puppy Visits are offered as a stepping stone to future K9 Kate's pack walkers.
We cuddle, we potty, we play, and we practice important skills (Hellooooo recall!) to ensure your dog's success with the group.

Private Dog Walk ($35+HST)

In some cases, a private walk simply makes more sense that a group.
Ideal for dogs requiring evening dog walks, working on behavioural goals, or with special needs.








Boarding/Paw-liday ($70/night+HST):

Avoid the kennel or the doggy hotel and have your dog enjoy HOME-STYLE BOARDING:, a complete paw-liday for your dog:

  • No crates unless requested

  • Lots of affection and attention including at least 1 adventure walk/day and as many as 3.

  • Max number of boarding clients at any given time is 4.

  • All walks are included in the service rate.


Private, In-Home Training Consultations ($120/consultation; $90/session +HST):

K9 Kate's offers private, in-home training. sessions with force-free trainer, Louise Lawrence.

Laila has been with Kate for 7 months and it has been incredible. She is much better behaved all the time. Our only issue is she is fitter than everyone else. Kate is responsible, caring and conscientious. I look forward to the daily pics and updates.
— Cathy and Laila


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