Expansion of Dog Walking Service area: Rosedale


Happy almost Thanksgiving, Toronto dog lovers. I hope that you have your loosest fitting pants out and ready!

We have begun to accept dogs for group and private dog walks in Rosedale. If you or someone you know is looking for a dog walker, please let them know that K9 Kate’s is in the area, and we’re ready to walk your dog!

Thanks and happy holidays once again!

Welcome to Dog Walks, Winston and Bogart, The Dainty Mastiffs!

mastiff 2.jpg

Marc reached out last weekend; he had recently moved to Forest Hill with his two AMAZING pups and was in need of a new dog walker. I knew in advance that I would be meeting two Mastiffs, a personal favourite- I love the giant breeds, their leaning, generally sweet temperaments, and cuddling capacities. These boys are so loving and kind; I can’t wait to get them out next week. Marc, thanks for letting K9 Kate’s be your new Toronto dog walker.

Welcome to Dog Walks, Finn, the Cavalier Spaniel


Julia reached out a few weeks back about dog walking for her adorable pup, Finn. Despite being outside of our former, east boundary, Yonge St., we went for it … and I decided to expand our service area (we are now offering dog walks in Rosedale and Yorkville)! So, if you live near Ramsden Dog Park, buy you groceries at Whole Foods on Avenue Rd., AND you need a dog walker, well, we should speak :)

Finn will have his first official K9 Kate’s dog walk next week. We can’t wait to get to know him!

Welcome to Adventure Dog Walks Otis, the rescue American Bulldog


Otis’s mom reached out a few weeks ago saying she had a new rescue dog and needed a new Toronto dog walker. She let me know that she had already begun force-free training with Jon Fowles and I was immediately impressed; as most people know I am vehemently opposed to aversives and subscribe to force-free philosophies on dog handling. Otis had his first dog walk on Thursday, and was AMAZING! He and fellow Bulldog (British) Baymax, were alllllll over each other in the best of ways! I love watching Bulldogs play, and apparently I am not alone in this; everyone at Bickford Dog Park that day was watching them with smiles on their faces. Otis, welcome to K9 Kate’s, we love you so much!

Welcome back Shaia to Dog Walks, the Rhodesian Ridgeback


Our beloved Ridgeback had a temporary break last year but recently rejoined her friends and I in the dog park. We’ve been frequenting another favourite Toronto dog park, Ramsden, near Yorkville. It has brought me so much joy to see Shaia’s own elation as she plays with her former pack mates. Shaia, we love you big girl!

Welcome to Adventure Dog Walks Lucy, the Boston Terrier / French Bulldog Mix


This little nugget started dog walks last week and, oh dog do we love her! Lucy, another Seaton Village pup, had been off of dog walks for the past year while her mom was spending time with her and her human baby.

Lucy’s parents were concerned that the time off may have jeopardized her sociability. With this in mind, we started dog walking with one other dog, in a very controlled environment. It was quickly apparent that Lucy is not just comfortable with other dogs, she’s a 10! Lucy quickly graduated to group dog walks. Lucy, I am so happy to be your new dog walker and I love you already!

Welcome to Offleash Dog Walks Burrito the Rescue Dog


Burrito started adventure dog walks last week. He is the third Kensington Market dog to join K9 Kate’s in recent months. Here he is with dog best friends Koda, the puppy Golden Retriever, and Milton, the puppy Labrador Retriever. Together, the Three Amidogs have wrestled and cuddled at Grange Dog Park, next to the AGO, Seaton Village’s local Bickford Dog Park, and downtown’s (and my favourite!) Coronation Dog Park. Burrito, we love you so much already, dude!

Welcome to Adventure Walks Scrabble, The Rescue Dog


Scrabble joined dog walks last week and has been an incredible to addition to our pack. He is so sweet and playful, and we adore him already. Scrabble is another reminder of the value of rescuing; there are so many amazing dogs who don’t have homes. Why not consider rescuing one? Princess, Laila, Scrabble, Blue, Gert are just a handful of the rescue dogs K9 Kate’s has walked and loved so much. If you’re thinking about getting a dog, please consider adoption. I posted recently a list of suggested organizations including Toronto Humane Society and K9 Adovcates Manitoba. Thanks and enjoy your day and your dogs!!

Welcome Ink the French Water Dog!


In August, Ink’s mom Alexandra reached out when seeking an Annex dog walker for when she vacationed. Soon after that, Ink joined dog walks and we LOVED her right away. She is so much fun in the dog park, listens like a pro, and clearly takes a lot of pleasure in running around with her new dog friends.

Together, we walked dowtnown’s Coronation and Stanley Dog Parks, Seaton Village’s Bickford Dog Park, and the Annex’s Ramsden Dog Park. Each and every walk, Ink was a joy. I was hoping Alexandra would continue dog walks once they returned and was thrilled when she reached out to say just that. Ink, we love you so much already and can’t wait to keep adventuring with you!

Welcome Willow and Violet, The Standard Poodles, and Their Pawrents Kelly and Scott

willow and violet.JPG

These two lovelies had their first, adventure dog walk with K9 Kate’s this week. It was immediately clear that Willow and Violet not only fit with our group; they added to it! Both are super social with other dogs, making them ideal candidates for park play. Plus, their recall is already KILLER, making my life a whole lot easier … especially during Toronto’s puppy season! I want to thank Amanda Factor at Benevolent Beasts for referring these two pups, and Kelly and Scott for letting me be your Toronto dog walker! I’m looking forward to working together, and seeing your two amazing dogs soon!

Welcome Back To Adventure Dog Walks, Spruce, the GSP!


Cuing Eminem: Guess who’s back. Back again. Our friend Spruce. To the end. Nananana.

Welcome back, Spruce, who spent the last year adventuring in New Mexico with his pawsome dad. He had his first, official post-trip dog walk today. We went to Coronation Dog Park (my favourite Toronto dog park) where it was like nothing had changed; Spruce was so happy to be pack with his pack and, boy, was the feeling mutual!! We ran. We played. We went home tired.

Sprucey, welcome back buddy!

Picture of the Week and Dog Park Etiquette (For Humans)

Zipper togue.jpg

I love this picture of Zipper at Coronation Dog Park. It just so happened that the day he was caught with his tongue out was the same day multiple people tried to enter the dog park as we were unleashing, leading me to ask if he too was frustrated by this dog park faux pas.

The problem with entering the dog park in this manner is that gated dogs aren’t necessarily on leashes; if someone opens the gate the dogs could bolt. Additionally, the dog entering may trigger the dogs in the gate and vice versa, leading to a fight; the space is small and the dogs, especially those starting their dog walk, are likely to be super amped up. Hello, trigger stacking!

Here are some other tips:

  1. Bring dogs that are suited to the dog park ie social, healthy and not in heat

  2. Clean up after your dog.

  3. Close the gate each and every time!

  4. Don’t feed someone else’s dogs; that dog may be on a special diet or have allergies. A big nuh-uh on this one.

  5. Eat before or after … if you bring your lunch to the dog park, it’s fair game!

  6. Pick up your poop, not your dog! Picking up and carrying a small dog because you want to protect him/her is human nature but the act of small dogs being lifted up triggers a treeing instinct in many dogs, moving them right into prey drive and exciting them into jumping on you to get at the small dog. In a dog park, where all dogs are extra stimulated and excited, picking up a small, panicked dog could be enough to get you knocked over or possibly even bitten.

  7. Watch your dog. It’s not someone else’s job. Get off your phone and make sure your dog is safe.

  8. Be mindful of the toys you bring. For example, those super small Chuck-It balls may be perfect for a chihuahua but a Labrador could easily choke on one.

  9. Headphones are ok so long as you can hear what’s going on in the dog park.

  10. Not that your dog should be wearing a prong collar, but if s/he is, remove it prior to entering the dog park.

  11. Most importantly, have fun!!! This is your special time with your pup so savour it!

Have a great, safe weekend!

How to Help a Dog with Thunder Anxiety

dexter nose.JPG

With the thunder and lighting looming, I thought of my dear friend Dexter, a former Little Italy pup with crippling thunder anxiety. It was horrible seeing him so afraid but both his mom and I did whatever we could to ease his fears; small spaces, a thunder jacket and moderating our emotions at this stressful time.

Here are some tips if you and your 4-legged friend are struggling as well:

Use a Thunder Jacket

This unique dog anxiety wrap is designed to provide gentle, constant pressure to your dog's body, producing a calming effect. Bonus: it can help with other loud noises, like Fireworks!

Be There, Be Calm

Make the effort to be with your dog if the forecast is showing thunder

Give your dog the comfort and attention she needs to calm her anxiety. An anxious dog is unable to learn due to being overly stimulated and emotional, which means comforting is not rewarding the fear. .


If a dog is punished or ignored during a frightening event, it’s likely to worsen the anxiety. Instead, offer a positive stimulus, such as gentle petting, to distract and calm your dog. If your dog will still engage, try a game of indoor fetch, tug, or offer a high-value chew.

Offer a Safe Place

Place your dog’s crate and/or bed in the most sound-proof room of your home. A crate is a natural, psychological defense for dogs and can have an incredible influence on their comfort level. It’s also helpful to close the blinds to shelter your dog from the visual stimulation of a storm.

Compete With Noise

When a completely sound-proof room doesn’t exist, compete with the noise by usinga radio or white noise machine.

Practice Desensitization

Try to desensitize your dog to the sound of storms by using thunderstorm CD.Start by playing the CD at a very low volume while offering your dog plenty of high-value treats and positive interaction. By slowly increasing the volume over several weeks, desensitization will lessen or completely eliminate anxiety during storms.

Work with A (Force Free) Trainer

She or he can help show you the way, one and one, and see if there is a more general anxiety to work with as well.

Stay safe, calm, and enjoy the weekend with your dogs!

Toronto has Doodles ;) ? Welcome Rudy the Australian Labradoodle!


Rudy, like Beaumont, joined K9 Kate’s Pet Services a few weeks ago. And he’s a fellow Seaton Village resident. And he frequents Vermont Square Dog Park. AND he also likes cuddling and running around with his friends Basically, we’re more than twinning- the three of us are tripletting :) We love this little dood already. Together, we’ve played at Coronation Dog Park (Lakefront), Stanley Park (King West), and Ramsden Dog Park (The Annex). Who knows where we’ll go to next but if the weather stays like this, I suspect we’ll be heading back to the lake very soon! Welcome Rudy and thank you for letting me be your new dog walker!

Welcome Beaumont (aka The Big Lab-Beau-ski)! Bonus: 5 Highly Recommended Rescue Dog Organizations


Beaumont, a (super delicious) chocolate, Lab-mix rescue dog joined K9 Kate’s Pet Services two weeks ago. Initially, he walked privately but transitioned quickly to group dog walks. Beaument went to Ramsden Dog Park, in Toronto’s Annex neighbourhood, yesterday with his new friends and was FANTASTIC in the park; it was incredibly moving to see his joy as he ran with his new friends.

Beau is one of several, amazing rescue dogs who walk with us. If you are thinking about adding a 4- legged friend to your home and are considering adopting, I highly recommend the following organizations. Even if you’re not thinking of adopting, check them out … you may change your mind :)

  1. The Toronto Humane Society: https://www.torontohumanesociety.com/

  2. Fetch and Releash: https://www.facebook.com/fetchandreleashrescue/?hc_location=ufi

  3. Redemption Paws: https://redemptionpaws.org/

  4. Speaking of Dogs https://www.speakingofdogs.com/

  5. Team Dog Rescue: http://teamdogrescue.ca/

Welcome to Adventure Dog Walks Sadie the Shih Tzu (and why Shih Tzus Rock my World!)


Welcome Sadie the Shih Tzu!!! Sadie’s been on adventure dog walks for two weeks now, joining fellow senior Shih-Tzu, Muddy. I have such a soft spot for this cuddly breed!

Bred to be companion dogs, they typically have perky, happy temperaments, and get along well with people of all ages, as well as with other dogs. Plus, they LOVE the lap which, let’s face it, I don’t mind one bit :) So, if you’re thinking of getting a pup, don’t discount the Shih tzu and if you have one and need a Toronto dog walker … holler please!

I connected with Sadie’s mom, a fellow Seaton Village resident, after a community member recommended K9 Kate’s to her. Sadie had walked with a dog walker years ago but was ready to get back to it. I’m so happy she has. Together, we’ve strutted our paws at Bickford and Coronation Dog Parks. What’s next, Sadie? You’re probably easy about it … as long as you’ve got the lap ;)

Sadie, welcome to dog walks! We definitely LOVE you already, girly!

No Diggity, No Doubt! Welcome Diggity the Norwich Terrier to Dog Walks


Penelope reached out a few months ago- she was moving to The Annex, Toronto all the way from Germany and needed a dog walker for her adorable pup, Diggity. Thankfully, The Annex IS part of our service area and I was more than happy to help. Diggity had his first on-foot dog walk with us last week. and was a perfect, doggy angel!!! Penelope, thanks for letting us be your new Toronto dog walkers :)

Welcome to Adventure Dog Walks Monkey the Jack Russell


Monkey … we are ape for you!!! Many thanks to the uniquely amazing In the Lead Dog Walking for connecting us. Monkey, I’m looking forward to going bananas (too much?) with you at the Ramsden Park shortly.

Welcome To Offleash Dog Walks Koda, the Golden Retriever Puppy, and Frances, Dog Mama

Koda started dog walks a few weeks ago and is kicking butt at Toronto’s offleash dog parks (and LOVING the endless dog walker and dog parent love he’s getting from EVERYONE he meets).

We, along with his mama and his fantastic trainers at When Hounds Fly are working on focus and recall so that he can go to even the biggest DOLA and be safe!

I love this aspect of dog walking- you can really work with a pup to improve behaviour which, not only helps the dog parents, but also enables pups to ‘live their best lives’ ie hit the trails, go swimming in the lake, and learn appropriate social behaviours. Over his first 3 dog walks, we ran our tails off at Coronation, Grange, and Stanley Dog Parks! Francis, thank you for letting me hang out with Koda and be his Toronto dog walker!


Welcome Milton,Plus Tips for Choosing A Toronto Dog Walker

milton best).JPG

Milton joined K9 Kate’s last week and was PAWSOME on his very fist adventure dog walks! Like most lab puppies, his interests include playing, sniffing, giving kisses, eating, and eating again! He got ample chance to do so while strutting his doggy stuff at Coronation, Stanley, and Bickford dog parks.

All of these dog parks are fenced-in so that pups, like Milton, who are working on recall, can play safely. Tip of the week: when you’re looking for a dog walker, always make sure the style of walk is appropriate for your pup. For instance, if your dog tends to laze out at the park, resource guards, or is aggressive with other dogs, on-foot leash walk it is. If your dog loves to run and play with other dogs, adventure dog walk is the way to go! If you support force-free dog walking, ensure that your walker identifies as such.

Thanks and enjoy the rest of your dog-filled weekend!!